kyungsoo’s high note during “mama”

Q: SNSD is known for having good relationships among its members. Have you really not fought before?

I Love You (Full Version) - BIGBANG

perfection in the form of a single human being.

Yoona at the DeFaye Black event


140407 Lee Cho Hee Blog Update with Minho:

민호는 그저 귀엽다고 생각했는데 콘서트를 보고나니 나도 모르게 눈이 음흉해지는것이었다 바로 반성했다

I though that Minho was cute but once I watched the concert I didn’t know his eyes were so treacherous 
I had a self-examination

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While Kibum and his wife are having their muscles tortured massages, Heechul and his are shopping for lingerie… 

literally the best face you are going to see in your entire life.

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